We strengthen your patents and support the evolution of product design.

We want to be a trusted partner and collaborator for your patent searching needs, putting quality and ethical business practices at the forefront of all of the services we provide.


At Bodkin IP, we have perfected an iterative approach to conducting patent searches that includes keywords, semantic similarity, classification, citations and assignee components for every search.  Upon review, we have found that while automated patent searching tools lend some value to a search (e.g. automated semantic and similarity searching), they can only serve as a supplement to the more reliable and consistent custom methodology we have developed for our clients' patent searching needs.


We don’t believe in compromising quality in order to lower prices. Instead, we focus  our energy on efficient processes so that we can provide cost savings to our clients.

The methodology used in our patent searching practices increases the likelihood of finding the best references first and speeding up the review process as the project advances. We use deliberate and clear strategies to avoid confusion and overlap, and we carefully select databases and tools to avoid redundancies and provide reproducible results.


For start-ups and small companies, we can work together to devise a long-term plan for your patent research needs. We recognize that patents are a niche domain, and we enjoy educating others about the advantages of a variety of patent searching capabilities and applications.

Litigation and PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board) proceedings support is a specialty of ours and we enjoy the thrill of the hunt for the best reference. In special cases, we are able to travel to gain access to resources not normally available online, such as the Library of Congress or the National Institutes of Health.

We also can help reduce prosecution time and increase success in obtaining a stronger patent that will stand up in court and IPR proceedings by performing high-caliber patentability searches.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are an attorney, a corporate officer, or an inventor, as our client, you will be working directly with our registered US patent agent, Andrea Davis. Working with Bodkin IP means no middle-man. We want to ensure that we understand your needs, and the technology at hand, and we strive for transparency, constructive feedback and regular communications in every engagement. 

We hope to work with you soon.

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